Daniel Ivernal

  1. Jean-Claude Pascal, Le Rideau cramoisi (US: The Crimson Curtain), France, 1952.     For his “ first real film,” critic turned auteur Alexandre Astruc  invented the camera-stylo concept (using his camera like a pen) for a classic 44-minute short… and the 19 credits that followed (1948-1993). He searched his leading man through Ivernal, Michel Auclair, Daniel Gelin, and Comédie-Française actor Jean-Pierre Jorris.  Then, an odious guy entered his office. “He wished to be in film.  I didn’t want him, but there was no one else.” Astruc later discovered that Pascal had given up a big film to fight for the short.  He was rewarded when the suits insisted that he  (and co-star Anouk Aimée) headline Astruc’s first feature, Les Mauvaises Rencontres, 1954.

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