Danielle Panabaker


  1. Katija Pevec, Yours, Mine and Ours, 2005.     Seen for Dennis Quaid’s teenagedaughter, Panabaker became Rene Russo’s, for a re-hash of the 1968 Henry Fonda-Lucille Ballfilm – “without,” wrote Chicago critic Roger Ebert, “its sweetness and charm.”
  2. Scout Taylor-Compton, Halloween, 2007.  Yet another re-hash of John Carpenter’s classic.  Emma Stone and two Danielles – Panabaker  and Harris –  auditioned  asLaurie Strode, a high school girl like all the others in director Rob Zombier’s version.  Scout, alone, was a teenager at the time, matching Jamie Lee Curtis as in the 1977 original.  A year later, Panabaker beat  Scout to the main girl in a  Friday the 13th reboot – bringing the murder total of Jason Voorhees since  the 1980 original to 167.
  3. Sarah Paxton, New Year’s Eve, 2011.     Like her friend Zac Efron, Danielle auditioned for director Garry Marshall’s kinda-sequel to his 2009 Valentine’s Day. Zac won, Danielle lost.
  4. Kate Mara, American Horror Story, TV,  2011.   Each season was a mini-series (often with the same stars). C0-creator and producer Ryan Murphy looked at both Danielle and Kate – and Mara became Hayden McClaine for eight episodes in the first season with  such choice chapter titles as Afterbirth, Birth, Rubber Man and Spooky Little Girl
  5. Dakota Johnson, Fifty Shades of Grey, 2013.     Social networks were full of kinky ideas for the porn novel’s BDSM heroine, Anastasia Steele – from Jennifer Lawrence to Emma Watson. Few suggestions led to talks, auditions or tests. The suits did see Panabaker -who went on to be Caitlin Snow in the DC Comics series, The Flash. Emily Browning, Lucy Hale, Felicity Jones, Elisabeth Olsen, Imogen Poots, Margot Robbie, Alicia Vikander, London model Suki Waterhouse, Shailene Woodley. They were all lucky to escape were also lucky to escape the turgid, totally un-erotic enterprise. Only 14 minutes and 17 seconds of sex, no orgasms – and pubes added digitally to actors’ genital patches!

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