Darryl Hickman

  1. Scotty Beckett, My Son, My Son! 1939.      After ten days, the eight-year-old Hickman fell ill. Beckett, his more famous substitute at age 10, had been in an earlier Madeleine Carroll film, The Case Against Mrs Ames, 1935. Hickman was still acting in 1999, completing 147 screen roles since 1937.  Although Beckett started earlier, in 1933, he scored just 106 roles due to a sad descent into booze and drugs in the 50s/60s, leading to him  ODing in 1968.
  2. Billy Roy,  The Cross of Lorraine (aka A Thousand Shall Fall),  1943.     Change of Louis, among the French soldiers in a WWII Nazi military prison – nearly all were played by Americans.  Including, for some bizarre reason, Gene Kelly.
  3. Nick Adams, Pillow Talk,  1958.     Rock Hudson refused to be Doris Day’s romcom co-star three time until a role was found for Adams –   after Hickman was KOed by a fever, it says here…  Poor Adams. Tarzan would not have been noticed in  the film which was all about Doris and Rock. 

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