Daveigh Chase

  1. Kristen Stewart, Panic Room, 2001. Daveigh, the voice of Lilo in Disney’s Lilo and Stitch film and tele-toons, auditioned to be Nicole Kidman’s daughter. Neither one were locked in the final room
  2. Joanna “Jo-Jo” Levesque, RV, 2005. Tried to be Robin Williams’ daughter this time, part of a dysfunctional family having a camper vacatiopn in the Colorado Rockies. Oh jopy!
  3. Kristen Stewart, Into The Wild, 2007. Kristen wins again… and made such an impact as Tracy,  she won the lead in  the Twilight vampire saga. In 2003, the 12-year-old Daveigh beat Willem Dafoe, Daniel Day-Lewis, Colin Farrell and Mike Myers to MTV’s Best Villian award for The Ring.




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