David Essex

1. – Christopher Gable, The Boy Friend, 1971.   Flashy UK director Ken Russell makes a song ‘n’ dance film.   Essex could sing.   But Gable could dance!

2. – Robin Askwith, Confessions of a Window Cleaner, 1974.   A lucky escape as it led to a dumb wannabe Carry On series of sex-farces: Confessions of a Pop Performer…Of a Driving Instructor,   etc.

3. – Oliver Tobias, The Bitch, 1978.   Written by Jackie Collins, played by Joanie… who would have devoured him alive..

4. – Ian McShane, Yesterday’s Hero, 1979.   Also written by Jackie Collins – about fading football glory. Ian’s dad, Harry, played for Manchester United.

5. – Mel Gibson, The Bounty, 1982.   For a brief while, director David Lean’s pet project fell into the hands of another UK film-maker, Alan Bridges, who broke custom by choosing an Englishman as Fletcher Christian.   Later Essex made a West End stage musical out of the saga.  

6. – Antonio Banderas. Evita, 1997. From 1982 onward, producer Robert Stigwood insisted on the original stage cast – Elaine Page as Eva, Joss Ackland as Peron, and Essex as   Che – as directors changed or died: Bob Fosse, Vincente Minnelli, Ken Russell.


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