David Spade

  1. Stephen Baldwin, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, 1999.   Spade was also in the frame – or cave – for Barney Rubble. The production became a prequel instead sequelising to The Flintstones, 1993, because John Goodman refused an encore as Fred  and his Barney Rubble mate, Rick Moranis, had retired from acting,in 1997, to bring up his two children, following the  the death of his wife Ann Belsky. 
  2. Zach Braff, Chicken Little, 2004.     Something else we have to blame the awful Police Academy franchise for – Spade’s movie debut offer.   Now to find the right voice for the hero of the paltry poultry pic, Disney went through Spade, Michael J Fox, David Spade – even Holly Hunter when the suits thought of a heroine. Plus Matthew Broderick – with his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, in the frame for Abby Mallard.

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