Deborah Ann Woll


  1. Ambyr Childers, The Master, 2011.  Searching an Elizabeth for his first outing since the 2007 Oscar-winning There Will Be Blood, director Paul Thomas Anderson saw the established Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried and Emma Stone – and lesser known blondes like Woll, the USC and RADA trained, New Yorker  (True Blood’sJessica, TV, 2008-12) and Ambyr, the daytime soap queen  of All My Children (she was Colby Chandler, 2006-2008).
  2. Zoe Kazan, The F Word, 2012.    Rose Byrne, Rebecca Hall and Mary Elizabeth Winstead were also up for the Canadian friendship v romance movie inherited by Daniel Radcliffe from Casey Affleck.
  3. Jessica Lucas, Are We Officially Dating?, 2013.    Ms Melrose Place replaced Ms True Blood in the Zac Efron rom-com due to Woll’s packed schedule.

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  3