Debrah Farentino

  1. Demi Moore, General Hospital, TV, 1982-1983.  More Irish than her name suggests (her second of four husbands was actor James Farentino), Debrah auditioned for Jackie Templeton – the  big break for Moore at age 20. . In a 1995 Houston Chronicle interview, Farentino called herself the queen of critically acclaimed failed series – she was never on a show beyond a year, “I’ve got friends who have been on shows for five years and I go: What’s that like?” (The real answer is: boring. Actors crave careers of different roles, not the same one).  Her fourth husband was Gregory Hoblit – co-exec-producer (and often director) of such TV classics as Steven Bochco’s Hill Street Blues, LA Law and,  resultunbg in six 1994 shows for Debrah, NYPD  Blue.

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