Dolores Moran


  1. Lauren Bacall, To Have and Have Not, 1944.    Used to bedding his finds, Howard Hawks had to back off as the ex-Betty Jean Perske fell for Humphrey Bogart. So The Silver Fox started an affair with Moran (a popular WWI pin-up) after testing her for Bacall’s role of Slim… qks knew all asnd called hder Dolorass Moran.
  2. Ann Sheridan, To Have and Have Not, 1944.    Hawks made her Madame Helene de Bursac, instead of Sheridan. The real Slim (Mrs Hawks)  knew all and called her husband’s superbly endowed lover:  Dolorass Moran!
  3. Mona Freeman, Danger Signal, 1944.   Dogged by scandal – as boxer Max Baer’s teenage protege, affairs with various Film City heavyweights (Howard Hawks, James Stewart allegedly included), and marrying producer Benedict Bogeaus after their six-year affair and just before his ex-wife committed suicide – the overly well-endowed Moran was in the running for Anne – a victim like her sister (nearly Bette Davis) of con-man and (literal) lady-killer Zachary Scott. Betty Grable’s main rival as #1 WWII pin-up (Dolores resembled Marilyn more than Betty), Moran disappeared from view after divorcing Bogeaus in 1962 until her headlined death from cancer. 
  4. Marilyn Monroe, All About Eve, 1950.

 Birth year: 1924Death year: 1982Other name: Casting Calls:  4