Donald Cook

  1. Victor Jory, My Woman, 1932.         When Nancy Carroll quit the movie for a vacation (!), she was substituted by a star plucked from Fury of the Jungle. Same for her leading man – except Cook was compensated with his replacement’s Jungle role, ex-Marine and escaped convict “Lucky” Allen.
  2. Wealdon Heyburn, Sea Racketeers, 1936.       Wealdon…???!!   Republic bought the screen rights to a Gene Stratton-Porter’s novel that told two stories, really. John Auer would direct Cook in the better first tale about a Coast Guardsman and a boy orphan. Plan B dropped the kid to be more about the US Coast Guards battling smugglers er, Ever Since Adam. Plan C became Love Ahoy and ended as Sea Racketeers.

 Birth year: 1900Death year: 1961Other name: Casting Calls:  2