Doug Hutchison

  1. Jackie Earl Haley, Watchmen, 2008.      Not so much “Who watches the watchmen?” as Aristotle asked, but who them playeth? And in the 20 years it took for Alan Moore’s DComic-book to be filmed, directors came and went – Darren Aronofsky, Michael Bay, Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, Paul Greengrass. So did their choices for Walter Kovacs aka Rorschach, the masked vigilante: Hutchinson, Daniel Craig, John Hurt, Simon Pegg, Sean Penn, Robin Williams and the prerequisite outsider, Richard Hansard. Unknown then. And now. Warners then took over the rights, went cheaper and Hutchison went into Punisher: War Zone as… Loony Bin Jim!
  2. Robin Spriggs, The Genesis Of Lincoln, 2011.     The Sanford Meisner pupil (known for The Green Mile, Lost, 24, etc) suddenly quit the film based on the infamous James Harrison Cathey book about a director making a movie on “the true paternity of Abraham Lincoln.” Reason? Sex between the film-maker and the teenage pop star playing Abe’s Ma. He felt the public would confuse actor and role since, at 51, he’d lately wed a bride of…16.

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