Dougray Scott

  1. Hugh Jackman, X-Men quartet, 1999-2013.    “Hey, bub, I’m not finished with you yet…”  Jackie Earle Haley, Gary Sinise and Kiefer Sutherland were in the 1989 Logan/Wolverine frame.  In the early 90s. James Cameron chose, of all people,  chubby Bob Hoskins. The fans voted for Jack Nicholson…   well, he’d been a decent Wolfin 1994. Fox could not think beyond Keanu Reeves. Russell Crowe felt Logan was too similar to his 1999 Gladiator… and just a toon, anyway. Took him a dozen years to understand comics and succeed Marlon Brando, no less, as Superman’s father, Jor-El, in Man of Steel.  Director Bryan Singer searched on through… Singer-songwriter Glenn Danzig, Aaron Eckhart, Mel Gibson, Viggo Mortensen  (a great idea but not finished with Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings), Edward Norton (also considered for Scott Summers/Cyclops) and – oh no! – Jean-Claude Van Damme.  Finally, Singer chose Dougray Scott – but he was stuck on Mission: Impossible II in Australia which is where Jackman came from (on Crowe’s reccommendation) to save the day. And the franchise. Jackman was Wolverine in ten movies (Deadpool 2 included) across 19 years. (By contrast, Sean Connery was James Bond for 007 times). 
  2. Pierce Brosnan,  Die Another Day 2002.
  3. Daniel Craig, Casino Royale, 2005. 
  4. Josh Hopkins, Quantico, TV, 2015.  The pitch: Following – today, yesterday, today and tomorrow – a batch of new FBI recruits at the Quantico training academy. .   Imagine Scott’ssurprise when,  having been picked as the  ex-partner of Aunjanue Ellis’ #2 at the FBI academy, hefound he was to be her subordinate. He passed and Hopkins (her Get On Up co-star) took over FBI Special Agent Liam O’Connor. 

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