Eddie Constantine

1. – John Van Dreelan, Brelan d’as, France, 1952.  After claiming to be in  the background of about 60 MGMovies, LA’s “new Bing Crosby” was now a new Bogart in France… in  four outings  as Peter Cheyney’s two-fisted hero, Lemmy Caution. However, realisateur Henri Verneuil didn’t rate him – as actor or tough guy –  and threw Caution to the Dutch actor son of  a Dutch actor father who then, directly opposite to Eddie, spent most of his career (100 roles in 30 years) in  Hollywood.

2. – Bernard Blier, La chance et l’amour (sketch: Une chance explosive), France, 1964. For his second film, the former critic, publicist and Jean-Pierre Melville assistant, Bertrand Tavernier, met with Constantine and Jean Marais, before settling on Blier.  And asked for him again (“I adore him!”) for his first feature, L’Horloger de Saint-Paul, 1974, only to find him committed elsewhere… playing Lemmy Caution 15 times between 1953-91, and various copies… beaucoup de Barney, Bobby, Charlie,  Harry, Johnny, Larry, Rudy, Sammy… even  six times as Eddie.  



 Birth year: 1917Death year: 1993Other name: Casting Calls:  0