Edward Ellis

  1. C Henry Gordon, Broadway Thru A Keyhole, 1932.       Change of Tim Crowley in the story by New York columnist Walter Winchell – punched out by Al Jolson on learning the movie was about Jolson’s romance with his wife, Ruby Keeler, and tried to connect her with a gangster based on the recently murdered Larry Fay.
  2. Harey Carey, Mr   Smith Goes To Washington, 1939.      “The Vice President,” said Frank Capra, “had little to do except sit on his rostrum, but he was the anchor that saved the Senate from floundering when filibustering winds began to blow.”   He wanted a distinguished character actor.   Ellis was too   distinguished, saying he’d never been so insulted in his life, demanding an apology about such a non-role. “A third-rate bit actor wouldn’t play that part. Not over 20 words in it.” OK, how about a strong American face..?


 Birth year: 1870Death year: 1952Other name: Casting Calls:  2