Ernie Sabella

  1. Cheech Marin, The Lion King, 1994.      Sabella (and his usual partner, Nathan Lane) supplied such great voice-routines for the hyenas, they were promoted to the warthog Pumbaa – Disney’s first farting creation – for Sabella, and Timon, the Meerkat for Lane.
  2. Josh Peck, Ice Age: The Meltdown, 2004.  Sabella and Breckin Meyer were in the Eddie vocal mix.  Ernie’s Lion King duo parttner, Nathan Lane, was tested for Crash. Several characters missed Blue Sky’s final cut, including: Robert Duvall”s Alec The Vulture, Jamie Foxx’s Jonathan the Woolly Mammoth, Heath Ledger’s Chuck the Smilodon, even Woody Allen as Thomas the Opossums.


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