Eugene Levy

  1. Greg Germann, Child’s Play 2, 1990.    Changed his mind about cameoingas the ill-fated Mattson before passing the role to the then-unknown Germann.
  2. Richard Schiff, The West Wing, TV, 1999-2006.     American Pie’s Dad as  the White House Communications Director would have sent out all the wrong signals.  Schiff’s finest hour was his seven years as Toby Ziegler in President Martin Sheen’s administration. The Oval Office set had a great agent –  and such great gigs as Dave, 1992, Sorkin’s American President, 1994,  and Contact, 1997.
  3. Arnold Pendelton, She’s Funny That Way, 2013.  For his first movie in a dozen years, director Peter Bogdanovich rescued his long dropped ‘90s screwball comedy called Squirrels to the Nuts (a Lubitsch line from Cluny Brown, 1945), and selected Levy as Judge Pendergast.

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