Fabio Testi

  1. Franco Nero,  Django, Italy-Spain, 1965.    Director Sergio Corbucci, the  Italian  Budd Boetticher, was  denied Mark Damon,  the “star” of his previous Johnny Oro  (“one of the worst spaghetti Westerns,” said UK film-maker Alex Cox). He considered Testi before making a star of Nero (even if his “young” voice had to be  dubbed by Sergio Graziano).  Testi starred in Monte Hellman’s take on the  spaghettis, China 9, Liberty 37, 1978. 
  2. Andrea Occhipinti, Bolero, 1983.   One Ialian for another  as the kind of toreador Ava Gardnder would have adored when Testi had to quit due to a “a medical condition affecting his face.”  Or was it that because held an affair with director John Derek’s ex-wife, Ursula Andress, and he didn’t want him sniffing around his new wife, the bodacious Bo Derek…?  Which makes nonsense of the legend that the final sex scene between Bo and Andrea was for real…

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