Frank Sinatra Jr

  1. Al Martino,The Godfather, 1971.
  2. James Darren, Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine, TV, 1998-99.    “I’d rather play an alien,” said Junior, the Trek fan, when the holographic saloon singer Vic Fontaine was written for him in eight episodes of the final year. Like   a re-run of the search for singers to be (or avoid!) the “Sinatra/horse’s head singer” Johnny Fontane in The Godfather, 1972, the Trekkies talked to Robert Goulet, Tom Jones, Steve Lawrence, Jerry Vale and settled for Darren, a Sinatra family pal, godfather of Nancy’s daughter and Frank’s grand-daughter   AJ Lambert.


 Birth year: 1944Death year: 2016Other name: Casting Calls:  2