Fred Williamson

  1. Isaac Hayes, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, 1988.    Big Fred refused to send up the superbad cool heroes that put on caviar on  his toast in the 70s. Hayes was drafted   into the sad and sorry blackploitation satire as Hammer – created by Fred in  1972.  Two years on, the same vengeance trio were re-run on TV: Hammer, Slammer & Slade, 1990: Hayes, Jim Brown, Bernie Casey.  Didn’t work there either! (Fred had been tapped by John Ford in 1973 for The Jack Clayton Story, about the first black at West Point, aka Appointment With Precdence).

    Souvenier >>>>>

    A great guy, Fred. I ran into him one year at Cannes, the day before the festivai started.  We did an interview, he was charming, gracious, amusing.  That night, my hotel room was robbed, my tape-recorder stolen with the Fred tape still in it!!!  Next day, I  bought a new machine, hunted the town for Fred,  found him, explained all –  he laughed like a drain, looked at the new machine and said: Tell me, Tony what  was the first question again?  And he did the entrie interview all over again.  And paid for the drinks.






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