Georgia Moffett


1. – Billie Piper, Doctor Who #157: Rose, TV, 2005.     The busy TV actress (Casualty, The Bill, Merlin and the sitcom, Fear, Stress and Anger, with her father) lost out on becoming Rose Tyler, Doc9 Christopher Eccelston’s travelling rug. Georgia finally got that job, as Cassie, in the 2009 animated six-parter with Doc10 David Tennant. And they wed after the birth of their daughter, Olive, in 2011.

2. – Felicity Jones, Doctor Who #194: The Unicorn and the Wasp, TV, 2008. Georgia lost her audition for Robina Redmond in the Agatha Christie-style episode – probably because producer Russell T Davies found out who she was and kept her as his “great PR coup” for the next episode (actually aired first), #193: The Doctor’s Daughter Because as, Doc10 David Tennant told the media: “We get to see the Doctor’s daughter, played by the Doctor’s daughter.” Her father is Doc5 Peter Davison. Felicity was the original Emma Carter in the world’s longest running soap, BBC Radio 4’s The Archers (on air since 1950) and the third of the cast to go Whovian after Frank Middlemass (the last Dan Archer) and Terry Molly (Mike Tucker). 

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