Ginette Leclerc

1. – Viviane Romance, Carmen, France, 1942. Back into his career without hardly missing a beat after several months in Stalags XVIIA and B,  Corporal Blier could not reject Continental Films, the German company set up in Paris during the Occupation.  Yet somehow, Ginette got away with refusing… Viviane said many unit members had been in the Resistance. And that her and Blier’s friend, actor Lucien “Coco” Coëdel –  found dead, in pieces, on a railway line in 1947 – “died for the Resistance.” In a revenge killing. To this day, his death has never been solved.

2. – Mia Mendelson, Dédée dAnvers, France, 1947. The first  film of Henri La Barthe’s novel was planned in 1939 by realisateur Pierre Chenal for Corinne Luchaire with Ginette and Florence Marly among her fellow whores. Known as “the most murdered actress in France,” Ginette had  her career murdered for a year for having worked for the Paris-based  Continental Films, set up by the Germans during the Occupation.  (Bernard Blier, for one, also acted for Continental   but was never punished and had  a splendid  career    195 films in 52 years!

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