Granville Bates

  1. Donald Crisp, Mutiny on the Bounty, 1934.   One top character man for another for Burkitt. From the eternally worried-looking, balding Bates from Chicago,  to Crisp from London and 171 movies during 1908-1971. 
  2. Herbert Mundin, Tarzan Escapes, 1935.     Many changes were rung in when second director John  Farrow almost re-shot all of Johnny Weissmuller’s third film as the Ape Man. Before completing his scenes, the always worried-looking Bates was dropped and replaced by Mundin as a differently named character.  The art director, photo-effectichian and two cameramen were also replaced. Plus  Farrow – but not until he had wooed Maureen O’Sullivan into agreeing to marry him. Their daughter is Mia Farrow. 
  3. Herbert Heywood, Slave Ship, 1936.    When director Tay Garnett re-staged certain scenes in March 1937, Heywood became The Old Man because Bates was no longer available. In their character-actor careers, Heywood had 129 screen roles compared to 91 for Bates.

 Birth year: 1882Death year: 1940Other name: Casting Calls:  2