Harley Venton

  1. Bruce Willis, Moonlighting,  TV, 1985-1989.    Apart from Robert Blake, the idea was an unknown as private eye David Addison Jr – opposite Cybill Shepherd in, basically, a Taming of the Shrew update. Willis was – supposedly – the last of about 3,000 actors seen for the shamus! Only three names are known to me: actor-writer Rick Dees from Florida, Cyb’s favourite, Harley Venton from Kate & Allie. And the guy she feared after three call-backs, Maurice LaMarche, the Canadian stand-up and impressionist – known for his Orson Welles, Transformers and  Monty Pythonesque (video-game) voices.  Presumably, she  feared he might steal the show.  No, Willis did that!

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