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Just Jack Nicholson

There are more than 8,000 actors detailed on this site. Some have passed a single movie. Others, many more. Then, there are the champs… Since launching CCC in 2008, Marlon Brando always topped this list. And year by year, discovery by discovery, Jack Nicholson, has been catching up. Well, he’s done it…!
He was always second to Brando’s total of 164 bypassed films. Until I unearthed four new passes - but only two for Marlon. But as I devour more books, columns and mails (thank you, fans!) etc, the count goes on.

1.Nicholson by-passed 168 films
2. Brando - 166
3. Cary Grant -147
3. Paul Newman - 147
5. Tom Cruise - 110

Highest Brit Sir Sean at 114.
Highest lady is Bette Davis, 90 items; Jodie Foster, 80;  Michelle Pfeiffer, 72; Meryl Streep, 70; Nicole Kidman, 69; Julie Christie and Liz Taylor are level at 67; Katharine Hepburn, 66; Debra Winger, 65.
Newer Brigade: Brad, 107; Johnny, 99; Julia, 64; Leo, 64; Jim Carrey, 62; Madonna, 61; Jennifer Aniston, 27; Jennifer Lawrence, 23.

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He said title

“I just wanted a role, a job and to sleep with Marilyn Monroe.  Undoubtedly, too much to ask for!” -  Clint Eastwood  on arriving in Hollywood in the mid-1950s.

“For my next show, I’d like the lead character to be an old-fashioned hero, an old-fashioned good guy. Jim Rockford is kind of rough around the edges, but he always does the right thing.” - Vince Gilligan, the Better Call/Breaking Bad creator.

“This is a terrible place to spend your life in.  Nobody in Hollywood is normal. Absolutely nobody. And they have such a vicious attitude toward one another. They say much worse things about each other than outsiders say about them, an nobody has any real friends.”  - Gary Cooper on Film City.

“[Director] David [Leitch] and I had always been big fans of Jackie Chan. We’d been talking about him for decades. He’s kinda our Buster Keaton. He’s so talented and underrated even. Just to do something in that direction was what was really appealing to me.” Brad on Bullet Train.

“Anyone who says words hurt has never been punched in the face.” Chris Rock.

“I am deeply devoted and committed to putting light and love and joy into the world.” Will Smith.

“He’s fantastic. I mean, he has more charisma in his pinky than most people do in their entire body. So you know, we’d watch him do anything – I mean we’d watch him read the phonebook!” Director Joe Russ on Regé-Jean Page (who the Russo bros back as the next 007).

“I should never lose sight of what a fortunate position I’m in  - to be able to make a living telling stories, which is essentially what I do. I learn a bit about myself on the side but that’s not the reason I’m doing it, of course. It’s an incredible job, really, and an experience that I get to share with other people.” – Colin Farrell.

“If you’re gonna die, don’t die with your mouth open, OK.  Because it’ll come back to bite you in the ass.” - Patrick Fabian on his Better Call Saul dismissal; aka murder.

“As an actor, she dared this town to typecast her, and then simply broke through every dogmatic barrier to find her own way - not to stardom, which I imagine she’d decry, but to great roles in great films and television.  Through her consistently good taste and feisty persistence, she has survived our ever-changing culture, stood the test of time and earned this singular place in history.” – Sally Field’s pal and Lincoln director, Steven Spielberg.

“I still hunt out the good shit because I don’t want to be in Black Widow. It looks like garbage to me… like a bad video game.. I’m embarrassed for Scarlett! I don’t want to be in those movies. I really don’t. I’ll find that kid director that’s gonna be the next Kubrick and I’ll act for him instead.” -  Stephen Dorf. But he shared a Blade, no?

“Comedians talked about getting on Johnny Carson like Dorothy talked about going home.” - Jerry Seinfeld.

“I have a four-hour version,” – Baz Luhrmann on Elvis. (Help!)

“You’ve got to know when to leave the party… I need to prove to myself that I’m not a one-trick pony.” Vince Gilligan on no more Walter White or Saul Goodman. 


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WELCOME to a unique directory of what you never saw on-screen. The films the stars did not make. The movies that never were. The most definitive collation of casting stories ... Check up on all the films - of yesterday, today and tomorrow - that your favourite stars never made... A cast of thousands - 8,063 actors - to click on... More than 40 years in the making!! And 2,749,022 words of spirited text. The ultimate in movie trivia ... Better! Exactly the kind of history that Hollywood deserves. Back to front. Upside-down. Inside out. Full of flashbacks, close-ups, tracking shots (and, alas some badly edited sequences - sorry about that!) forming a fascinating, new and often bizarre flip-side perspective on your treasured movies and stars.

This is the film that bred this site ... after Robert Redford told me he'd planned a little black-white version - with Robert De Niro, and Michael Moriarty as Woodstein.


Norma Foster - never quite a Bond girl

Our latest nearly-Bond lover, Norma Foster, comes from East London. Not the Cockney capital but East London in South Africa.Where, naturally, her surname was originally Vorster (like the State President John Vorster). She was 25, an ex-Miss South Africa, when seen for the second Bond Girl: Tatiana Romanova in From Russia With Love, 1963. This was the first of the great Bond Girl Hunts - Catherine Deneuve, Sylva Koscina, Margaret Lee, Gabriella Licudi, Virna Lisi, Tania Mallet, even Ingrid Bergman’s daughter, Pia Lindstrom. "Ian Fleming  visualised his heroine as a rather more buxom Garbo," said director Terence Young. "We have long since abandoned that hope. All we want now is a very exciting woman, a raving beauty with impact." Enter: Italy’s Daniela Bianchi. (Both her voice and legs were dubbed!)  I kept running into Norma on 60s’ film sets. She joined Gert Fröbe, Goldfinger himself, in Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, and Bernard Lee (the first M) in Ring of Spies. She was A Study in Terror with Judi Dench (the third M) … and who could forget The Spy With the Cold Nose. That was a dog, that was. But not Butkus.

She said title

“I don’t make films anymore. Because of political reasons. Because the film industry is absolutely reactionary, racist, and patriarchal… By leaving this industry for good, I want to take part in another world, in another cinema.” - Adèle Haenel, the last Lady Chatterley.

“My God, I'm one of the luckiest ladies alive.” -  Julie  Andrews

“Listen, I’m not asking for any sort of pity. My life is extraordinary. I’m thrilled with my life. But I do wish, for the betterment of society in general, that we would all disengage from a cycle of bullying and hatred. We’ve just lost empathy, and we just don’t give people the benefit of the doubt - specifically women. We just assume the worst from women, and I don’t know why.” - Olivia Wilde,  director/star of Don’t Worry Darling

“Of course Andy [Warhol] foresaw the Kardashians. Of course, of course.”  - Edie Sedgwick’s sister Alice Sedgwick Wohl,.

“As a filmmaker and writer, I am a bit of a sadist. I like putting my characters in these terrible situations, because they force you to confront who you are,” - Ofir Raul Grazier,Israeli  director of The Cakemaker and America

“What happened with my grandmother was horrific because Hitchcock was a tyrant. He was talented and prolific - and important in terms of art - but power can poison people. She was an amazing actress and he stopped her from having a career.” – Dalota Johnson on grandma Tippi Hedren, Alfred Hitchcok’s discovery for The Birds and Marnie.

“I remember reading that somebody once said: You’re either in love with Emmylou Harris or you haven’t met her yet. I feel like that about Dakota.”- Elvis Presle’’s grand-daughter, Riley Keough, on TIppi Hedren’s grand-daughter, Dakota Johnson.

“I mean, I had it with The Professional, too [her 1994  debut].  “It was slaughtered critically, and now, despite having been in Marvel and Star Wars movies, it’s the main thing people come up to me about. That and Star Wars are two examples of things that when they came out, I was like: Oh, my God, this is a disaster!  And then 20 years later - actually, 30 years later for The Professional - it’s beloved.” – Natalie Portman

Asked if she dressed for men or women, Angie Dickinson said: “I dress for women. I undress for men.”


Just Jaekin and his muse, Sylvia Krystel

Just Jaeckin, director of the most financially successful French film, Emmanueulle – it ran on the Champs Elysees for 13 years! – has died at 82.  I spent a most entertaining afternoon with him – and fellow scribe Frederic Albert Levy – recording a commentary together for a (US) DVD bonus for his 1983 movie, Gwendoline.  Worth a listen, if you can find it.

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