Payday Loans
OW Fischer (1915-2004)

  1. Gary Cooper, Love in the Afternoon, 1956.    OW’s powerful agent Paul Kohner tried to push him into the Billy Widler film. Fischer, however, felt he could make more money in Germany.And did…
  2. David Niven, My Man Godfrey, 1956.   Universal bought  a full page ad in a Film City daily in January to "proudly" welcome the German superstar to Hollywood.  Within a month Niven was Godfrey after OW quit due to (a)  irreconcilable, unbridgeable  differences over his role or (b) as he later admitted, an attack of memory  lapses during the shoot.  Either way, Universal sued his ass for $131,860 and settled out of court. Welcome, indeed!  (OW stayed home for his final 29 screen roles). 


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