Payday Loans
Anne Francis (2011 1930-?)

  1. Ava Gardner, The Snows of Kilimanjaro, 1953.    Fox was playing safe withcontractees Anne and Susan Hayward as Gregory Peck’s bookends. The author also voted Ava as Cynthia Green. And he was... Ernest Hemingway. (He told Ava he loathed the film but loved her. And the hyena).
  2. Elizabeth Taylor, Rhapsody, 1953.      Francis tested for the rich bitch caught between two classical musicians in Zurich -  Vittorio Gassman and John Ericson.  But at MGM, Taylor got whatever  she wanted. (And whoever…) 
  3. Terry More, King of the Khyber Rifles, 1953.     Re-making the original, 1928 version of The Black Watch had been shelved since 1936, exhausting many Fox producers, directors, writers and stars - including Francis, Audrey Dalton and Mala Powers for Tyrone Power’s co-star. She was only a British Colonel’s daughter but More played her like a high school cheerleader. 
  4. Doris Day,  Julie, 1955.     Natually, the Arwin producers (Day and husband Martin Melcher) squelched MGM plans for Francis to be the ex-airline stewardsess who lands  a Douglas DC-6… which has little do with the suddenly dropped main storyline of fighting her abusive husband. 
  5. Diane McBain, Claudelle Inglish, 1960.  Stuck in TV after a promising start (So Young So Bad, Bad Day At Black Rock, Blackboard Jungle),  Francis lost  the typical, tempestuous Erskine Caldwell creation to McBain, , soon enough into Warner’s TV quagmire, herself. Francis, the better actress,  completed 169 screen roles during 1947-2004. McBain quit after 68 screen roles in 2001; she worked as a rape victim counselor after being raped by two men in 1982.
  6. Martha Hyer, The Carpetbaggers, 1963.   Anne and Katharine Ross were  better  choices (for Jenny Denton).  Except they didn’t have an Oscar nomination on their CVs. 

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