Payday Loans
Julie Harris (1925-2013)


  1. Jean Peters, Viva Zapata, 1952.  The story of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata was on the Fox shelf for at least three years.  (Well, it was then called Beloved Tiger!). Marlon Brando agreed to a test - not of himself but of Harris, another Actors Studio member, as Zapata’s wife, Josefa. Fox boss Darryl Zanuck did not even want Brando!  He preferred Tyrone Power! Or Anthony Quinn. Result:  Marlon  got $100,000. Harris got nothing.  Jean, naturally, got Brando - taking her turn on location between Marilyn Monroe and Movita.  Julie finally worked with Brando in Reflections In A Golden Eye. Only took  15  years.
  2. Donna Reed, From Here To Eternity,  1953.   
  3. Ruth Roman, The Far Country, 1954.   One year earlier, Harris had been top choice for James Stewart’s co-star in his favourite Anthony Mann  Western.      
  4.  Vera Miles, Jovanka e le altre (US: Five  Branded Women, Italy-US, 1959.   With their heads shaved for sleeping with German soldiers during WWII, five Yugoslav women then bravely fought for their homeland with the very partisans who had humiliated them. And that’s why Miles had to wear a wig in her next film that year. Psycho.  Also seen for the five heroines: Claire Bloom, Ava Gardner, Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Shirley MacLaine, Barbara Nichols, Lee Remick. 
  5. Judy Garland, Judgment At Nuremberg, 1961.     Producer-director Stanley Kramer already had Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster (replacing first choice Laurence Olivier),  Montgomery Clift,  Maxmilian Schell,  Richard Widmark,  Marlene Dietrich and wanted Julie as one of the Jewish victims of Nazi Germany. Instead, it was Judy's  first film in seven years - ironically, Tracy was first choice for her next film, A Child Is Waiting, 1962.
  6. Kim Hunter, Planet of the Apes, 1968.
  7. Piper Laurie, Tim, Australia, 1979.    Tim was an unknown called... Mel Gibson.




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