Payday Loans
Jean Hersholt (1886-1956)

  1. Lewis Stone, Mata Hari, 1930.      Hersholt had to pass on the sinister German spymaster during script delays.  Even then - and Garbo or no Garbo! - the Atlanta Better Film Committee reviwer didn’t like it. “I wish this picture could be destroyed. It is not fit to be shown anywhere.”
  2. Victor McLaglen, Nancy Steele Is Missing, 1936.     Following his Reunion triumph, the post-Lindbergh baby kidnapper was first designed for Hesholt. Due to script changes, the it was later passed to Lionel Barymore - and Wallace Beery, who couldn’t “do a picture with a director whose name I can't pronounce” (Saying Otto Preminger was that difficult?).
  3. HB Warner, It's A Wonderful Life, 1946.


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