Payday Loans
Danny Thomas (1914-1991)

  1. Larry Parks, The Jolson Story, 1946.      Lost by a nose... Columbia czar Harry Cohn (like MGM’s LB Mayer) imposed one condition on Thomas. "Get a nose job!" Born Amos Jacobs, Thomas took his name from his brothers and his Lebanese proboscis to TV glory, 1953-1968. James Cagney, Richard Conte (!) and José Ferrer also rejected the surprise smash-hit. Instead of playing Al Jolson, Thomas re-made Jolson’s Jazz Singer (as a musical) in 1952. And poor Parks was black-listed  - ruined! - by such oafs as Senator Joe McCarthy and numbnuts Ward Bond.
  2. Marlon Brando, The Godfather,  1971.

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