Payday Loans
Tim Wheeler

  1. Ewan McGregor, Moulin Rouge!  2001.    Early on, it was Heath Ledger and Catherine Zeta-Jones for Christian and Satine in the Baz Luhrmann musical extravaganza – the 1890s Paris shot in Sydney!. Well, he changed his mind.  Why have an Aussie bloke when an Aussie girl, Nicole Kidman, was obviously the perfect Satine.  And so he looked over Jake Gyllenhaal,  Hugh Jackman, Ronan Keating and the Northern Irish singer-songwriter Tim Wheeler.  Oh and…  there you go, Ewan McGregor! “They didn't have to be big singers,”  said Baz., “but they had to be able to move you emotionally. Basically, Ewan and Nicole were the best for the job. That's the bottom line of it.”

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