Payday Loans
Jenny Agutter


  1. Helen Mirren, Age of Consent, 1969.  Too much nudity required in this Australian  film with James Mason for the kid actress just turning 17. Even Mirren  thought she’d be body stockinged for the first of her career’s naked scenes. “The only  thing you can do wrong when you’re stripped is to look awful... I tried to be  cool.”  Just as Jenny did for Walkabout, 1971 - also in Australia.
  2. Candace Glendenning, Nicholas and Alexandra, 1970.    Jenny, The Girl from Nic  Roeg’s 1969 marvel, Walkabout, plus Hollywood’s Logan’s  Run and now, of course, the ceaseless Call the Midwife, 2012-2022, was among the seven  young Brits -  Glendenning, Janina Faye, Pamela Franklin,  Olivia Hussey,  Lord Bangor’s daughter Lalla Ward -  auditioning as the third daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia: the Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna. The entire royal family was assassinated in 1918. (Hussey had been chosen  by Zeffirelli over Agutter, Franklin and Ward  for his 1967 Juliet),
  3. Pamela Hensleey, The Nude Bomb, 1979.  But how could they make a film version of the spy send-up series by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry… without the ravishing 99: Barbara Feldon? Hensley as Agent 36, Andrea Howard, Agent 22 and SAylvia Kristel, Agent 34, did not add up to 99. Feldon was persuaded back for the TV sequel, Get Smart Again!, 1988. Which is why it was better.  She always denied she was first called Agent 69 - sorry about that, Chief. “It was Agent 100, because she was 100%."

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