Payday Loans
Ginger Lynn Allen

  1. Sharon Stone, Casino, 1995.    Legend says that director Martin Scorsese wanted the ex-hardcore star for De Niro's wife, called... Ginger. Warners  wanted Sharon. When she  refused to testify against (underage) Traci Lords, Allen found  herself jailed for tax evasion  “politically motivated by anti-porn elements in the Reagan and Bush administrations.” After retiring at the top in 1986, Allen  returned to porn, 1999-2002.   As her autobiography said: “I did it. I liked it. So what!” Fellow porn star Ron Jeremy had a bit as a  bartender
  2. Deborah Harry, Spun, 2002.  First, porn star wananbe Madonna, then the legendary real thing was The Neighbour - a butch lesbian phone sex operator involved in a three-day trip by speed freaks. They were, said web critic Dennis Schwartz, full of anxiety, rage, sexual frustration, the jitters and sawdust for brains. The Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund came from music-videos, more than a hundred of them, Including eight with  Madonna..  Deborah is the ex-Debbie.

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