Payday Loans
Danny McBride

  1. Brandon Routh, Zack and Miri Make A Porno, 2008.     “That was a Seth Rogen suggestion,” admits New Jersey auteur Kevin Smith. “We were sitting around trying to figure out who would play Bobby Long.  It looked like Danny was going to do it for about two minutes and then he was like inundated with rehearsals on Land Of The Lost...  We were back to square zero... I was just like: He needs to be like real salt of the Earth, like middle America, like Superman. And Seth goes “Brandon Routh!” I was like, Yeah!  And he’s like “Well, let’s ask Brandon Routh.” In  Seth’s world you just ask people and either they say no or they don’t.  Elizabeth Banks (Miri) was around “My agent represents him, so I’ll put him on it.”   We got Brandon the script and he read it and dug it and it’s  a thankless role to travel all the way from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh for, because you work for two days, you have to play the straight man, everyone else gets to be really funny, but Brandon came in and actually found a way to make that role funny just by being like “Gee, oh gosh!” He played it really well. Played it straight, yeah, He’s Brandon Routh, he looks like Clark Kent! Yeah, we got lucky with that!”
  2. Ray Liotta, Observe and Report, 2008.     The surly  Detective Harrison was hand-made for McBride. His schedule was not. Enter Liotta as the cop that Seth Rogen’s Bi-polar  mall security guard wants to be. “Funny as hell, that’s how demonic it is,”  said Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers.  “Imagine Scorsese directing Police Academy.”

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