Payday Loans
Valerie Harper (1939-2019)


  1. Sandy Duncan, Valerie, 1987-1991.    No TV star had ever been replaced in a series bearing their name until NBC  deep-sixed Harper in 1987.  The ex-Rhoda Morgenstern from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and her own spin-off,  Rhoda, began a new sit-com, Valerie, about Valerie Hogan, her airline pilot husband and their three sons.  Viewers loved it. Valerie hated her salary. Rather like her Rhoda battles, she threatened not to show up for the third season unless her pay was considerably increased.  She felt sure she had the upper hand. Hah! NBC, annoyed by the Rhoda fight being restaged, said it would fire her.  You’re bluffing, she said.   No, said the network, and she r was dumped like a leaky bucket. Enter  Duncan as your sister.  For the  retitled Valerie’s Family: The Hogans or The Hogan Family   by  the fourth season to avoid Harper from suing for use of her name), Harper’s character was written out (dead in a car-crash). Following her  32 episodes, 1986-1987, the series  survived without  Harper  for  a further 78 chapters over four years with Duncan.  By which time the crew was calling it: Throw Momma from the Series!  

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