Payday Loans
Jason Bateman


  1. Christian Slater, Heathers, 1988.     In the morbidly funny tweenage angst opus, JD could have been Jason Bateman, Jim Carrey, Judd Nelson - or Brad Pitt, who got his revenge two years later by beating Slater to another (but career-making) JD in Thelma and Louise.

  2. Ben Stiller, The Heartbreak Kid, 2007.  Bateman and Amy Poehler were first cast in the hopeleess (and, as usual, unecessary) rehash of the 1971 Neil Simon script (Jerry Seinfeld’s all-time favourite comedy) with Charles Grodin and Cybill Shepherd.  No contest!  Stiller and Michelle Monaghan had the Farrelly brothers directing, not the great Elaine May.

  3. Adam Sandler, Funny People,2008.    The new Mayor (for some reason) of movie mirth. LA auteur Judd Apatow said if he could get his old room-mate for the lead (and Sandler had issues with some of the sexist jokes), the next names of his list were:Jason or Paul Rudd.
  4. Chris Pine, Rise of the Guardians, 2011.   Bateman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sam Rockwell and Jim Sturgess were on the voice list Jack Frost in the DreamWorks toon about saving childhood, itself, from Jude Law’s dreaded Pitch Black. Other guardians included Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and a Santa Claus complete with tatts and a Russian accent!
  5. Jason Sudeikis, We’re The Millers, 2012.    Before the Saturday Night Live regular was signed Will Artnett and Steve Buscemi were also seen for the Jennifer Aniston frolic about a family faked by a veteran dealer transporting a major weed shipment.  Bateman’s dirty secret? “Playing the straight man. Because he gets to be in every scene.”
  6. Josh Lucas, Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down The White House, 2017. Bateman’s Ozark gig tore him away from the true story of the famous Watergate whistle-blower nicknamed by Washington Post journo as Deep Throat - played by Liam Neeson. (The French title (which was in English!) made it sound a gay yarn: The Silent Man Mark Felt).


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