Payday Loans
Joseph Calleia (1897-1975)

  1. George Tobias, Torrid Zone, 1939.    Prepping the fourth of  five James Cagney movies,  director William Keighley tested Calleia, Alan Hale, George Reeves and Vicor Varconi for Rosario.  But it was Tobias who said:. “Senor Butler, I congratulate myself on your bad shooting.”
  2. Bill Edmonds, It's A Wonderful Life, 1946.
  3. Fred Clark, Sunset Blvd, 1949.   The producer inside  the film was originally to be called Kaufman and played by Calleia.  For resons never explained (or not to me), he became  Clark as Sheldrake. (If you know why, tell me…) 


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