Payday Loans
Kent Taylor (1907-1987)


  1. Michael Redgrave, Climbing High, 1938.  The frothy UK musical-comedy  was literally Always In Trouble.. . Jessie Matthews (the UK Ginger Rogers, usually bra-less like Jean Harlow) stayed aboard as a lingerie model (ooh!) but her fella became Redgrave instead of the American copying the Gable/Flynn moustaches but none of their charm. Taylor was related to Superman’s co-creator, writer Jerry Siegel… which is why Supie is named Kent. The Clark came from Gable. Where else?  Oh yes and Terry-Thomas voiced a… cow.
  2. Richard Carlson, No, No Nanette, 1939.    MGM almost bought the musical’s rights for Judy and Mickey. Too late! They belonged to London producer Herbert Wilcox. And he insisted that Neagle, his future wife (1943-1977) should play what IMDb calls “perky young Nanette.” Being chased by Carlson (instead of Taylor), Neagle was a perky old 36! It all fell apart from, there.
  3. Bill Goodwin, House of Horrors, 1945.      Change of the cop, Lieutenant Larry Brooks, hunting Rando Hatton in the second Universal film as the murderous madman, The Creeper. He was dead before the release of his third. It was Jerry Siegel’s idol (Clark Gable) and his wife’s brother-in-law (Taylor) who inspired Superman’s earthling name of Clark Kent. Oh, yes it was!

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