Payday Loans
Ingrid Thulin (1926-2004)

  1. Delphine Seyrig, Last Year At Marienbad, France, 1960.  Ingmar Bergman ‘s diva was  first thought for “A”.  She finally worked with auteur Alain Resnais in La guerre est finie (The War Is Over), 1965.   
  2. Michèle Girardon, Hatari! 1961.   For the (second) typical Howard Hawks lady in the safari pack, The Grey Fox surprised everyone by showing his true colours. He was a secret Ingmar Bergman fan!Then, he fell heavily for the French girl. When she proved disinterested, Hawks was furious and slashedmost of her scenes.“ If Michèle had accepted the advances of Howard Hawks,” suggested her Paris co-star Gérard Blain. “it would have been a much different film.” 

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