Payday Loans
Barbara Bouchet

  1. Corinne Clery, Histoire d’O, France-West Germany-Canada, 1975.    Not true, she insisted, that she made films just for the money. For example, she rejected the offer of Emmanuelle director Just Jaeckin. (The film was banned by the UK censors for 25 years). “And,” she quaintly added, “I would’ve said no to Tinto Brass for La Chiave/The Key.” Except she was never asked being too small in Tinto’s favourite geographic areas. 
  2. Carmen Carrión, Camino solitario, Spain, 1983.   The indefatigable Spanish horror/porno director Jess Franco first tried to make this thriller in February 1972. Took him another decade to get it back on The Lonesome Road (the first title) with BB substituted by CC.

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