Payday Loans
Jean-Pierre Cassel (1932-2007)


  1. Jean-Claude Brialy, L’Ami de la famille, France, 1957.Cassel’sloss became Brialy’s “first real role - as Raymond Bussieres and Annete Poivre’s son, Mcheline Dax’s nephew, Pascale Audret’s brotherand Beatrice Altariba’s boyfriend.”
  2. Jacques Charrier, Les drageurs, France, 1959. Jean-Paul Belmondo and AlainDelon were also candidates for actor Jean-Pierre Mocky’s directing debut.
  3. Sami Frey, La verité/The Truth, France, 1960.Many entered the fray only Sami exited with ultimate honours - winning the role and the girl. Brigitte Bardot!
  4. Yves Barsacq, Tout l’or du monde, France-Italy, 1961.  Old Wave réalisateurRenéClair was directing Bourvil in three roles while all the few agents in Paris were trying to get their young clients into the last dozen roles - walk-on villagers. The future great agent, Gerard Lebovici, called Costa-Gavras, one of Clair’s two assistants, and recommended Claude Berri, Marcel Bozzuffi, Jean-Pierre Cassel, FrançoiseDorleac,  Serge Rousseau.  Costa passed on the bad news: None match what we want. Lebo told Costa: “Tomorrow’s French cinema will be be you and me”…and later in the 60s, Lebo offered him a film about the French Public Enemy #1 Mesrine - with Jean-Paul Belmondo. Costa quickly owned up to the revulsion he felt about the criminal and the film was never made until a two-parter in 2007 - 23 years after Lebo’s murder in 1984. 
  5. Anthony Perkins, La ravissante idiote.(US: Adorable Idiot; UK: A Ravishing Idiot),France, 1963. Cassel lost BB again. And he had found the Charles Exbrayat book and brought it to Edouard Molinaro and BB- desolée,very sorryweneed a stronger box-office co-star.The gay Perkinswas far fromidealand eight movies later, Brigitte made it up to Jean-Pierre by insisting (after talk of GeorgeChakiris) that he be the bear to herdoll in L'ours et la poupée,1970.
  6. Vittorio Gassman, A Wedding, 1978.Didn’t feel his English was good enough. “Admirable film.Regrets éternels.”Director Robert Altman never held the refusal against him and call up Cassel a dozen years on forthe ambiguous Pere Tanguy inVincent & Theo, in Tarascon, France.
  7. Paul Freeman,  Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1980.
  8. Jean-Louis Trintignant, Eaux profondes, France,1981.   Réalisateur Michel Deville first planned it with Cassel - he had, after all, suggested filming the Patricia Highsmith novel while they made Le  Mouton enragé, in 1974.  Their version never took off.  When Deville tried a second time, he first contacted Jacques Dutronc and then the other Mouton star, Trintignant - who he had also directed in the French dubbing of Kubrick’s The  Shining. (JLT also dubbed HAL in 2001).  Now he was half of a venomous couple, tolerant at first glance but Machiavellian and cynical, killing any guys getting too close to his wife, Isabelle Huppert.  A twisted, disquieting character - which pleased JLT.   “Enormously.”
  9. Michel Duchausssoy, L’instinct de mort & L’ennemi public numéro 1, France-Canada-Italy, 2008.    Jean-Pierre died before playing Pierre André Mesrine, father of gangster Jacques Mesrine, the 1959-79 French Dillinger -bank robber, kidnapper, killer (39 victims,at least)played by his son, Vincent Cassel.They had previously shared three movies: Métisse,  1993, Valse nocturne, 1995, Les Rivières pourpres,2000.



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