Payday Loans
David Cassidy

  1. Randy Quaid, The Last Detail, 1973.     Lotsa swearing?   *#@!!* great! He wanted to *#@!!*  sideswipe his sliced-bread Partridge Family image.
  2. Joseph Bottoms, The Dove, 1974.   UK director Charles Jarrott was keen on Cassidy as the (real) US teen sailing around the world, solo. But the singer-actor was contracted to his Partridge Family TV show - and/or wanted more money. Or got sea-sick…
  3. Howard Hesseman, WKRP in Cincinnati, TV, 1978-1982.    Stupidly passed on the anti-disco DJ,  Johnny “Dr Fever” Caravella. Hesseman, a former counter-culture star, radio DJ and ex-lover of Janis Joplin, played him for  five seasons. 


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