Payday Loans
Dorothy Comingore (1918-1971)

  1. Rita Hayworth, Only Angels Have Wings, 1939.    Howard Hawks had his pilots. Now he needed... an ex-lover for Cary Grant. Between November 30-December 2, Hawks shot tests (opposite Jean Arthur, Richard Barthelmess, Sig Ruman, etc) with his #1 choice, Linda Winters (by Citizen Kane, she was called Comingore), Rochelle Hudson (she made 111 screen roles in 37 years) and Beverly Holden. Then, following appeals from George Chasin, Hitchcock’s young agent, a certain Miss Hayworth won ... “because the camera loves her face.”
  2. Rita Johnson, The Major and the Minor, 1941.    Change of Pamela Hill from Comingore to Johnson. No one cared.  (Except Comingore and Johnson).   Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland won the cracking comedy from (and making) director Billy Wilder in Hollywood - that’s all that mattered.
  3. Jane Randolph, Highways By Night, 1941.   Sounds so much better than… Silver Spoon. Even so, Comingore refused to be Jane Darwell’s grand-daughter, Peggy Fogarty - winning the heart of Richard Carlson as what we now call a geek millionaire.
  4. Jane Wyatt, Week-End For Three, 1941.   With Irene Dunne hung up on a previous gig, Comingore, Ginger Rogers and Ruth Warrick came and went as the wife of the leading man... changing from Cary Grant and Peter Lind Hayes to Dennis O’Keefe. Comingore was suspended for refusing to play Ellen in Budd Schulberg’s story, scripted by Alan Campbell and… Dorothy Parker
  5. Lucille Ball, The Big Street, 1942.    Her career was going up, from The Three Stooges to Capra, when Orson Welles made her Susan Alexander, the second Citizeness Kane. Damon Runyon tested her for this tale but nothing ever gelled again. After three more films, her 15 minutes were up in 1951.
  6. Marie Windsor, Force of Evil, 1948. The Chaplin discovery who became Mrs Citizen Kane had been first choic for Edna Tuck to appear in the the stunning debut of auteur Abraham Polonsky. Both auteur and actress were victims of Hollywood’s horrendous black-list, Polonsky could not direct a second a movie until Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here… a shameful 21 years later!



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