Payday Loans
Stanley Tucci

  1. Judge Rheinhold, The Santa Clause, 1994.  For the new (shrink) husband of Tim Allen’s ex-wife, Disney looked at Rheinhold, Tucci, Warren Beatty, Bryan Cranston, Jeff Daniels, Robert De Niro, Peter MacNicol, Bradley Whitford  - and the inevitable unknown, Lance Kinsey, out of Chicago’s Second City troupe and the Police Academyfarces. When Tucci and Oliver Platt’s comedy, The Imposters, turned up at the 1998 Cannes festival, I achieved a lifetime’s ambition at their Press conference by standing up, announcing myself and declaring: “I have a question for… Stan and Ollie!”
  2. Albert Brooks, A Most Violent Yearlden, 2014.    Andrew Walsh had been written by auteur JC Chandor for "The Go Toosh"  - but played by Brooks. Not the same thing at all.  The title referred to “New York’s most dangerous year of 1981.”


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