Payday Loans
Margaret O’Brien

1. - Kathryn Beaumont (voice), Alice in Wonderland, 1951.     Right after her huge success as Beth in Little Women, 1949, MGM suspended the 14-year-old ex-Maxine O’Brien for refusing to be loaned to Disney in what he then planned as a partly live-action cartoon. She quit Metro for Columbia, Her First Romance - and her first screen kiss.

2. - Jean Simmons, The Actress, 1953.     Ruth Gordon’s autobiographical tale began as a 1944 play, Journey To A Star, hitting New York in ‘46 as Years Ago with Fredric March as her father. For the movie, it had it be Spencer Tracy said Gordon, who wrote two of his and Katharine Hepburn’s nine films (Adam’s Rib, Pat and Mike) with husband Garson Kanin. She didn’t care who played her. After Debbie’s 1952 test was deemed “superficial nonsense” by Kanin, she was thought to be too old at 21 - giving O’Brien a chance at 16. Until Tracy looked hard at the wife of his poker buddy, Stewart Granger, even though she was 24

3. - Natalie Wood, Rebel Without A Cause, 1955. The MGM kid star had retired at 14. (She had been known as the town crier of MGM - due to her uncanny weeping-on-cue abilities. At six, she used to ask directors: “Do you want the tears to run all the way or shall I stop halfway down?”). Now, hoping for a comeback at 18, she was just too twee for Method acting. And “too pat” with her answers in her audition director Nicholas Ray (already in mid-affair with Natalie).

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