Payday Loans
Sonny Tufts (1911-1970)

  1. Fred MacMurray, Standing Room Only,1943.   The salesman and his secretary became butler and maid at a mansion (just for accommodation) during their business trip to an overcrowded WWII Washington…  The daffy couple went went from Fred MacMurray and Rosalind Russell,… to Tufts and Paulette Goddard… before being  solved by splitting the difference. MacMurray and Goddard!
  2. Burt Lancaster, The Killers, 1946.    Tufts passed (too quickly) on  The Swede...  it became the breakthrough role for Burt, the beefy unknown
  3. John Wayne, The Alamo, 1959.     Sonny Tufts ??!!!   As Jim Bowie??!!!  Well, that was on spec during the long history of John Wayne trying to make his pet project. Tufts even gave up booze and kept sober for an entire year to earn the role. .
  4. Richard   Widmark, The Alamo, 1960.     To appease his backers,  John Wayne (also directing)  played Davy Crockett instead of Widmark, who became Jim Bowie instead of... as he had become known in Hollywood...  Sonny Tufts??!! 


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