Payday Loans
Henry Wilcoxon (1905-1984)

  1. Franchot Tone, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, 1935.      He started the role, hated it and director Henry Hathaway let him go to be King Richard  heading The Crusades for his usual guv'nor, Cecil B DeMille.
  2. John Emery, Eyes in the Night, 1941.       Change of Paul Gerente in the Fred Zinnemann polar starring Edward Arnold as Mac, a blind detective, uncovering a Nazi ring. With the aid of his scene stealing dog, Friday. The other Emery event of that year was the divorce from his second wife. Tallulah Bankhead, no less, dahling.
  3. Lester Matthews, The Story of Dr Wassell, 1943.     The CB De Mille regular was chosen for Dr. Ralph Wayne in the war drama. Then, like others in the cast - Alan Ladd, Robert Preston, Bruce Lester, even CB’s son, Richard - Wilcoxon signed on for he real WWII. The role was finally cut so short that Matthews wasn’t even credited.   New York Times critic Bosley Crowther called it “hoopla warfare in a Technicolor blaze… True, such a thing did happen. But not this way, we’ll bet a hat!”
  4. Victor Mature, Samson and Delilah, 1948.     Cinemperor CB DeMille first tried to mount it in 1935 with his Cleopatra’s Mark Antony - opposite Miriam Hopkins. Now Henry was too old - but perfect for Prince Ahtur. Before deciding upon Mature, CB looked over over Burt Lancaster (bad back), Steve Reeves - even Dr Billy Graham, the newest evangelist on the Bible thumping circuit at age 30. Starting in UK films in 1931, Wilcoxon had a long association with CB as actor and producer... and was still working in the days of Sylvester Stallone and TV’s Cagney and Lacey.


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