Payday Loans
Frank Gorshin (1933-2005)

  1. Don Rickles, Run Silent, Run Deep, 1957.     Refusing to fly to his test, Gorshin went by car, was in a traffic accident and ended up in a coma with a fractured skull.  Hence Rickles’ movie debut.
  2.  Robert Ivers, GI Blues, 1959.     Welcome home Elvis!   And here’s your reward for serving your country in the US Army - all  your  movies will stink from hereon!  Three years before ruling TV’s talk-show  circuit, Carson was seen for sidekick Cookie. As were: Gorshin, Carleton Carpenter, Russ Tamblyn. Norman Taurog was mysteriously chosen to direct (over King Creole’s grittier Michael Curtiz) and then helmed a further eight Presley horrors, each one more vomitus  than the precedent.  Like The King of Rock ’n’ Roll in Live A Little, Love A Little and… Tickle Me.   Ugh!

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