Ivy Nicholson


  1. Joan Collins, Land of the Pharaohs, 1955.      Suddenly, it was Hollywood-on-the-Tiber… Even Howard Hawks got tbe sword ’n’ sandalbug (he was always short of money and anyway, he fancied building a pyramid). Refusing any top stars, The Grey Fox considered Ursula Andress (at 17)…his third and final wife, Dee Hartford… Gina Lollobrigida… and Ivy, the tres Hawksian UK model, to be his treacherous Nellifer… “You’re quarreling and he slaps you,” is how he explained the scene between Nelifer and the Pharaoh. “Just react naturally as if you’d really been slapped.” That she did…She screamed – and bit deep into Hawkins’ arm. Hrmph! “We don’t think you’re up to the part.” The film was Hawks’ first major flop and The Silver  Fox quit Hollywood and movies for four years – until Rio Bravo, 1958.

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