Jack Kelly

  1. Guy Williams,  Zorro, TV, 1957-1961. Because it was for Walt Disney, who had just made a star out of Fess Parker as Davy Crockett, the first casting call in March 1957, was answered by 130 Zorro wannabes! Uncle Walt insisted all the final testees had real moustaches (like his!). Producer Norman Foster knew who he wanted and (despite Disney’s misgivings), wouldn’t make the series without him. And Williams began shooting the opener, Presenting Senor Zorro, during July 15-26. Later that year, Kelly joined the Maverick family for five years – as James Garner’s brother, Bart.
  2. George Segal, The St Valentine’s Day Massacre, 1967.    In the  big time for once, director Roger Corman wanted Brando (not yet Don Corleone) as Mafia mobster Al Capone.  They had talks. That was all. And suddenly Jason Robards Jr became, laughably, the thinnest Capone in Hollywood history.  Signing Segal for Peter Gusenberg was much easier.

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Missing the mark… of Zorro.  Guy Williams (in his Walt Disneyesque moustache) won the 50s’ TV series. Jack Kelly did not. No wonder he became a Maverick[© Warner Brothers Television, 1957]

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