Jackie Mason

  1. Arnold Stang, It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,  1962.    Producer-director Stanley Kramer’s movie was stuffed full with stars – mainly comics. Not all agreed to join  the party, being terrified at the prospect of working with the great Spencer Tracy.  When ex-Stooge Joe Besser couldn’t be Irwin,   the stand-up king Mason was asked to be  one of the owners of Irwin and Ray’s Garage..  He  was on the nightclub circuit road and passed on both – to, as it turned out,  two voice artists from the Top Cat toon  series, Marvin Kaplan and Stang…who broke his right  arm some days before his scenes began. He found various ways to hide his plaster-cast. Producer-director Stanley Kramer offered to replace him – with full pay. But Stang, who may have lost a marble or three, said he’d stay on board even if he had lost his arm! 

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